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About GRO Community

God.Restoring.Order (GRO) Community, is a mental health service provider that specializes in trauma informed treatment for boys and men ages 5 and up from low socio-economic groups and/or black and brown communities. GRO service delivery model is grounded in an understanding of the neurological, biological and psychological effects of trauma. GRO utilizes an array of treatment modalities to ensure effective mental healthcare for boys and men of color living in high crime-high stress environments.

Our Vision

Boys become self-sufficient men, and broken men become change agents within their communities.

Our Mission

“Molding boys and healing broken men.”

Our Priorities

  • Decreasing gun violence within communities of color.
  • Provide high-quality mental health services.
  • Equipping boys and men in high-risk communities with wrap-around services.
  • Creating change with a self-sufficient model and funding stream.

GRO Community History


GRO Community (GRO) is a mental health organization based out of the Roseland community in Chicago. GRO was created to address the severe impacts of prolonged exposure to violence and trauma among African American men and boys. Research indicates those in the most deprived areas experience more traumatic events than those that are least deprived Rooted in the African American male experience, GRO provides culturally responsive clinicians trained in an array of therapeutic modalities to help clients recognize problematic thinking patterns, address maladaptive behaviors and build social-emotional-interpersonal skills for regulating emotions and coping with life setbacks.

GRO clinical and behavior supports are provided through individual and group counseling, social-emotional learning in schools, gun violence prevention services, transitional housing, and workforce development training/opportunities.

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