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School Administrator looking for additional support for students with behavioral challenges.

School Administrator - Gro Community
  • Are you looking for a trusted, mental health service provider to support your male students with challenging behaviors?
  • Do you need services that specifically target behaviors associated with black males impacted by trauma and toxic stress?
  • Would your male students benefit from mental health services that are catered to his individual needs?

What We Provide

  • Provides a positive male counselor to support your male students .
  • Assist with working with student in community and school.
  • Your preferred provider for students that are in need of tier 2 or 3 within your Response to Intervention (RTI).

Our Expertise

  • Partnership with 6 Chicago Public Schools.
  • Over 80 students served in 2022.
  • 95% satisfaction rate from school administrators.

GRO Community Can Help!

Individual Counseling

Social & Emotional Learning


Mental Health Assessment

Medication Management


Case Management

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