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Attorney, Parole, or Probation Officer looking for clinical support for court-involved clients.

  • Are you looking for a reliable agency to work with your young people on probation?
  • Do you have men that are on parole that need services to satisfy their parole requirements?
  • Are you an attorney looking for diversion programs?

What We Provide

  • Reduce case management and administrative burdens.
  • Accessible reports for you to use for court to decrease burden to produce documents.
  • Culturally competent counselors to address the needs of your client.

Our Expertise

  • 164 client served that are on youth probation (2022)
  • 106 clients served that are on parole (2022)
  • 33 Clients served in in alternative gun diversion program (2022)

How can GRO Community help?

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling

Mental Health Assessments

Psychiatric Evaluation

Clinical Workforce Development

Housing** (December 2023)

Book a session with intake.

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